Hyperlocal & Geo Fence Targeting

“Everyone” is not your customer. We help you identify and target your audience in the most effective way possible. While display advertisements and SEO campaigns can help you attract visitors, our team will work with you to help identify your audience and create hyper local advertisements – often times, down to a city block.

We’ve used these geofenced / hyperlocal campaigns to help building managers attract new tenants, influence shoppers while they are near their place of business, or help target customers on the go who are seeking for “near me” stores.

The goal is to put your advertisements in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Hyperlocal Targeting

The primary purpose behind Hyperlocal advertising is to help attract visitors to your company. With a hyperlocal campaign, you are able to target people down to a city block.

A great example of hyperlocal advertising would be a Coffee shop that is targeting foot traffic in / around their store.

A hyper local campaign can target everyone within a city block to help drive traffic to the store.

Another benefit of hyperlocal marketing is the power behind the growing need of finding “XYZ Near me”. With hyperlocal marketing, we can help attract visitors who are searching for Coffee Shops, Post Offices, Clothing Stores, Etc. near me.

Competitive Geofence Advertising

While hyperlocal helps “drive” foot traffic to your store or business, with Geofence Advertisements, we are able to create a virtual fence around a particular area.

We use GPS Coordinates to encircle competitor location. We then display advertisements to their shoppers with discounts at your store, to build awareness, or expand your reach.

An example of Competitive Geofence Advertising would be to help target businesses inside a business park with an offer to move to a different building or business park.

Geofence Advertising works great when you’re attending a conference and would like to target everyone in the conference, visitors of a particular event, or to target people at a tourist spot / destination.

How to Use Geo Targeted & Hyperlocal Ads

Target Conference Attendees

Drive Foot Traffic To Your Business

Target Shoppers At Competing Businesses

Advertise to People Inside Buildings

To Reach People Near or Inside Your Store

To Retarget Prior Customers & Visitors

To Locally Deliver a Message or Offer

To Find Brand Ambassadors

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