Data & Analytics

Some companies make marketing decisions by guessing or using their gut. When they get it right, they call it a smart move. When they’re wrong, they got unlucky. Luck, Gut Feelings, and Uncertainty can be eliminated with the right data at the right time.

Our data collection tools will help you make sense of your audience. With real time data monitoring, we can modify campaigns, funnels, fix conversion issues, and give you the ability to cherry-pick the perfect prospects to increase conversions and sales.

Analytic Tool Implementations

There are different tools for different needs. Our team can handle the implementation on your behalf. We’ll install anything from Google Analytics to Hotjar, Statcounter, Piwik, Mix Panel, and more.

The goal here is to ensure you have the business intelligence you need to make educated digital positioning decisions.

Data Analysis

With the number of tools in the market all competing for a similar segment, there is a wealth of information available to make business decisions.

This overload on data makes it hard to know what to look for, and why to look for it. Once you find it, it’s even harder to make sense of it all. Our team can pull the data you need and present it to you in a format that you can understand.

What others say about us

By far, one of the best investments we’ve ever made. It’s crazy, the second we activate our ads the calls start pouring in.

David ToweD&R ServicesD&R Irrigation

If you want a thorough research firm to go above and beyond the standard cookie cut forms and truly learn your business to create the critical content needed and also the trends of current times in digital marketing….then choose PI Media.

Debbie StaggsMarketing Director

There is no doubt about it, you guys have it together. The results we have received are simply amazing. I could not be happier.

Daniel MayaMaya & Maya InvestigationsMaya & Maya, Inc.

Having the ability to pickup the phone and reaching someone to answer questions about our marketing is invaluable to our business.

Tobie BeckPrideGroupCoPrideGroupCo

For us, our joy lies in helping our clients explore their digital possibilities.
Each new project is a new adventure.